Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I DO NOT AGREE with the Health Ministry's suggestion to put BMI on the record of children in school. They are already on constant pressure to pass the many exams throughout the whole year with flying  colours. The BMI label will add to the many name callings some of them will have to endure!!! What will happen to their self esteem after this?? I will not be surprised if many children end up being depressed or worse, resort to commiting desperate acts. (BUNUH DIRI OR BUNUH ORANG LAIN)! There are many other ways for the ministry to contain obesity at young age.

Canteen Operators
1.  Impose strict rules on the canteen operators. No nasi lemak, no sausages on stick. Easy to say no UNHEALTHY FOOD. Serve sandwiches instead.

2.   Label the food served at the canteen according to their calories content. I know this one maybe difficult    mah with the mak cik canteen complaining; macam-macam botul lak sekarhang ni tak paham den.

3.  Cut back on fried food and use minimum amount of oil when cooking.

4.  Go for reduced version of dairy products such as skimmed milk, low fat cheese. Tapi kang jangan lak naik hargo. Den dah tengok kat Tesco, Giant, JJ tak byk bezo eh dongan yang biaso tu.

5.   Ban soft drinks. There are only 'empty calories' in the soft drinks. They can contribute to weight gain but don't have much nutritional value.

6.   Serve loads of fresh fruits.

7.   Most importantly; regular monitoring and checking on the canteen operators by relevant authorities.

Untuk anak-anak pulak:

What is calorie?
A calorie is a unit of energy that measures how much energy food provides to your body.

To lose weight; take fewer calories than you burn.

To mantain weight; take the same amount of calories that you burn. Well agak-agaklah ya anak-anak.

Yang penting aktiviti mestilah sepadan dengan pemakanan kita setiap hari ok. But if you ask kak wok, this will be her standard reply. Makanlah solagi sihat , sok kalau dah sakit dibagi apo pun tokak ni tak mau tolan! Walaupun begitu kak wok ni macam typical malay women zaman dolu-dolu yang rajin makan ulam-ulaman.
As for me, just follow Rasulullah s.a.w eating habit. Makan sebelum lapar dan berhenti sebelum kenyang dan banyak lagi amalan pemakanan baginda yang sudah cukup cantik untuk dicontohi.