Tuesday, 12 July 2011



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, our flight from JB to KL was delayed due to the fog. On behalf of MAS I would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Haiyah! Where got fog in Malaysia. You mean haze lah! Some more, why you want to delay my flight also? I fly from Langkawi to KL mah! No relation what so ever to JB’s fog or haze or whatever lah! We are so far up here lor! Aiyahh so boling waiting at Langkawi airport. After you checked in ah, no place to eat, I tell you. Only shop open is the kedai loti sepaluh selupa mau basi punya! No appetite to eat one, you know. The one who jaga the kedai also look like olang boling selupa mau belenti kelija punya! I pity him also  so I bought one sardine bun. Okaylah, can eat but if got freshly made sandwich, better for the stomach, lor!


284 Oliginally the departure time is 2140 but it was later delayed to 2210.  What to do? If you want flee wifi, you have to buy RM30.00 flom kedai loti sepaluh mau basi. What you want to buy? The buns in the basket only got 5 left. Each bun only cost RM3.60. (expensive ah, I know)  Sooo…only thing to do is stare at the clock vely hard. Hopefully the needle of the clock (hah hah hah needle? amik kau) will go faster.



287  Finally you allived. I thought you alledi forgot about me.


292Why you don’t tell me it was laining? Surely I can forgive you mah. Aiyah no heart feelings. We arrived safely, that’s more important. Alhamdulillah. ( syukur…… masih ingat Allah, Ah so ni)


Kehilangan saya beberapa hari ialah kerana membersihkan baju-baju kotor dari percutian singkat beberapa hari lalu. Tiada kena mengena dengan aktiviti membersih yang tak berapa nak suci di KL. Harap maklum.


Dinas Aldi said...

aiyah patutlah sonyap yo, ah soh pi bercuti & then cuci baju, kihkihkih

sedih betoi bila tempat makan pun teruk..ohh..nak nangis macam kucen kat dalam gambar sidebar tu..

Aidah said...

Jenuh cuci baju. Penaaaat. Macam ni lah kalau balik cuti kan.